Celebrate this MOVEMBER in style. with our luxury MOUSTACHE ON A STICK (or Mustache if you are American) on a 4mm thick metal rod that reinforces the casting resin for extra strength. 
High Quality and durable. Designed for repeated use (Photo Booth Photography prop). 

  • Crumb Catcher. Total Hight 24cm width 10.5cm
  • Face Fur Total Hight 24cm width 6cm
  • Lip Rug Total Hight 24cm width 8cm
  • Face Lace Total Hight 24cm width 8cm
  • Cookie Duster Total Hight 24cm width 10cm
  • Lip Toupee Total Hight 24cm width 5cm


It is amazing how these simple little props can make a difference to the evening. by far these are the most used props in all of our prop box. Just see our gallery page to confirm this. it seems everyone wants to have fun in the booth. (and I must admit I am always on hand to ensure that is happening) 

Examples of unusual use. Well the obvious is to use it under the nose as a proper moustache. but we have had people upturning them (for more like a pilot flying moustache). Used over one eye as a giant eyebrow. Used in between the eyes to turn it into a giant mono brow. Then we have also had one pregnant lady who put a giant pair of glasses and a moustache on her bump.

​We like people who are creative.    

Movember Photo Booth Props offer

Don't get these confused with cheap cut out cards on a stick - NO - we have top quality Moustache's made from casting resin - reinforced with a steel rod handle. making it long lasting and ideal for repeated use. 

Every Month is "Movember" to us, so don't be left out

if your whiskers won't wisp.

If your not a fuzz face,

where no mo' will grow. 
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A Moustache on a Stick 

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